Online therapy, online coaching and telephone consultation

In order to provide you with the best possible support during this time, Praktijk SENSUS offers video calling during online therapy and online coaching.

Years of international experience with video calling during online therapy teached me that it is a successful way of working and gives good results. Nowadays I also work very actively with online therapy and e- oaching in the Netherlands.
Times and techniques change constantly and give us more and more possibilities. Particularly for those who seek therapeutic guidance or coaching these developments are convenient and positive. I’m very happy to be able to offer these options to my clients.

In addition (especially if there is a lack in knowledge of technical means) telephone consulting is a good option. This works also successful and powerful.


Monique Nouwen

There are a number of advantages to online therapy and e-coaching with video calling or telephone consulting:

  • No travel time, no traffic jams….time savings.

  • No travel costs…financial savings.

  • You’re in your own familiar environment.

  • In view of the current corona crisis, this is safest working method, because life contact with risk of contamination is avoided.

  • If you’re unable to travel due to illness or other circumstances online therapy with videocalling is still possible.

  • I can be reached with online therapy from almost all over the world.

  • Almost all methods with which I work can be used during online therapy or coaching… even family-constellations.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions I started digitally with Monique and it went great. Processing difficult situations from your own safe environment in a safe way was new and refreshing for me. The techniques were also radically different and with some healthy skepticism I experienced how effective it works and in my case the processing went very quickly. I am incredibly grateful for the warmth and vigor with which Monique has helped me, I am finally in good contact with myself and looking forward to the future with full courage. Thank you very much Monique!

Does online therapy and coaching works as successfully as “life” therapy/coaching in the practice?

From my years of experience I can conclude that online therapy and coaching gives very good results. More often just as good as life consultations and coaching.
It depends on the experience, flexibility and creativity in thinking and actions of the therapist/coach whether and how the maximum result can be achieved, besides the necessary motivation and commitment of the client. That is always a wonderful challenge for which I dedicate myself from the heart, just like during “life” consultation for therapy and coaching.

Every person is unique, just as every life is unique. That’s why, also during online therapy and e-coaching, the consultation and work is tailored to the person just as during a life consultation ….. so to you and your specific question and need. Therefore each route is unique.

Online consultation and coaching is possible via different lines. Fill in the intake form on this English webpage (scroll down the page) and I will contact you as soon as possible. You can also call me directly between 18.30-20.00 hours Dutch time. If I’m not able to answer the phone I’ll call you back as soon as possible in European zone by phonecall, from another continent bij app-call.

Payment methods

  • The online therapy or coaching consultation that is ordered from abroad must be payed 7-5 days in advance with the easy payment options on this page.

  • The same applies to online therapy and coaching within the Netherlands with a Dutch bank-account.
    Staying in the Netherlands with a Dutch bank-account it’s also possible to pay at the end of the consultation if we’ve agreed so in advance. I will then send a payment request that can be payed immediately via ideal during the end of the inline therapy or e-coaching.
    The rates can be found via this link (plese scroll down). 

  • The invoice is sent the same day, so you can claim it from your health insurer as soon as possible.